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Designing Interactive Olfactory Experience in Real Context and Applications

​TEI Studio 2019

About this Studio

In this studio, we guide you through the design approach of integrating interactive olfactory experience with real contexts and applications. Based on two case studies in family setting and commercial environments, we will share our design processes and lessons.


During the studio, prototype demo and a toolkit will be introduced. Participants will sketch interactions using provided toolkit and prototyping materials. The purpose is to think through the realistic scenarios and the challenges of integrating the experience with actual interactions in the participants’ areas. We will create potential new areas of contexts and application areas through toolkit and interaction design methods. 

The aim of this studio is to establish a community in discussion of a new perspective in designing and evaluating interactive olfactory experience in real contexts and applications.

Topics to be Covered

  • Challenges and Opportunities of Interactive Olfactory Experience 

  • Experience-based Approach for Olfactory Interactions 

  • Role of Interaction Designer in Interactive Olfactory Design 

  • Evaluation Framework for Interactive Olfactory Design 

What will I learn in this studio ?

  • Knowing the state-of-the-art interactive olfactory technologies

  • Learning how to use experiential approach in interactive olfactory design: mainly two case studies as well as hands-on group work 

  • Designing the potential new areas of contexts and application areas through toolkit and interaction methods 

  • Discussing the evaluation method of interactive olfactory experience

Explore More About
Interactive Olfaction

Checkout our online resources of how to make interactive olfactory experience, more about the toolkits and potential applications.


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