Call for Participation

This studio welcomes the participants from both academy and industry backgrounds, who are interested in interactive olfactory experience. Participants are expected to bring their own expertise not limited to service design, interaction design and discover through hands-on group work as well as case studies how you can relate your expertise and context to this growing field of interactive olfactory design.

You will work in groups of 3 to 4 people. You are encouraged to bring in contexts related to the fields you are familiar with, or from your own background and studies. Also the participants are encouraged to bring three smells that represent their home town, and share any smell related stories or anecdotes during the studio.

Registration for Participation

​To register for this studio, participants should send in a one page Word document including your biographyreasons why your are interested in this studio and how you would like to integrate your background and interests with interactive olfactory experience. 


Email Us:

Abstract Submission Deadline Extended: Mar 5th 2019

Studio Fees:  

                                   Early       Standard    Late

Student                               $75          $75             $75

ACM/SIGCHI Members       $120        $145           $170

Non-Member                      $170        $195           $220

For general TEI studio registration and dates, please check on TEI 2019 website.

Information for the Participants

After receiving your confirmation email of attendance, participants are encouraged to prepare and bring three types of smells that is related to their interests or their area of studies.

Participants are expected to be comfortable with basic prototyping. Having a basic knowledge of digital prototyping, familiarity with Arduino and working in interactive technologies is desired but not a must.