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Stories of Smells

Before the studio starts, the participants are invited participate in an Ice Breaking session where they share stories or anecdotes or behind three smells they bring from their own countries **.

Session 1
1.1 Introduction


Organizers will give an introduction about the state-of-art relevant projects and different approaches. We will show the challenges and the opportunities of designing interactive olfactory experience.

1.2 Case Studies in Living Context and Service Design Context 

Organizers will present the case studies in home living context and service design context along with videos. We will also show our design ethnography method.


Coffee Break & Live Demo
Session 2
2.1 Context Presentation


Participants will present their contexts based on their background and interests. Studio organizers will group the participants according to their context combination.

2.2 Brainstorming on Visions and Applications

The participants will work in groups to brainstorm the design vision and the applications together.


Lunch Break
Session 3
3.1 Introduction of Toolkit


Studio organizers will introduce toolkit and available resources. The purpose is to simulate the making of the rapid prototyping in real contexts.

3.2 Sketching Interactions

Participants will go through the olfactory interaction design process using combination of toolkits, paper prototyping, skits, videos, etc.


Coffee Break
Session 4
Group Presentations


Participants will show olfactory design in their real context through presentation. They will demonstrate why it is suitable for their contexts, what the holistic experience it might promote, what the opportunities it brings for the interactive olfactory experience design. We will also have a discussion about the possibilities of the corresponding evaluation method in the future.


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