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Who We Are


Mei Kei Lai is an Associate Professor and Programme Coordinator of Design Programme at School of Arts at Macao Polytechnic Institute. She received her doctoral degree in Media Design from Keio University in Japan, and a postgraduate degree at Middlesex University in the United Kingdom. Her research interest is about olfactory experience design. The experiments include taking smell into the area of gameplay, exhibition and family bonding. Her works have been presented in Europe and Asia, such as HCI, SIGDOC, ISEA, Digital Olfaction Society World Congress and Microwave International New Media Arts Festival. She also held Scent of Art workshop in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Find out more about her olfactory related work at:

Cao Yan Yan

Yan Yan Cao has obtained her PhD in Media Design from Graduate School of Media Design Keio University 2018 after her bachelor training in Computer Science from Cambridge University ('06) and master degree from NYU Interactive Telecommunication Program ('08). Her doctorate work focuses on integrating interactive olfactory experience into service design. She built digital platform and tools to enable smell as interactive touchpoint, creating social interactions, playful encounters and soothing experience in service space. She aims to explore the integration of interactive olfactory experience and service design in her future work.

Read more about her recent work at TEI15

Hardware Developer
Cao Huu Chi Trung

Trung is an avid hardware creator and has held strong belief in the success of interactive olfaction project. He has joined force to develop a few rounds of prototype for interactive olfaction related project since 2014 and is the strong force to make the toolkit real. He graduated from National University of Singapore, Engineering Department, 2015 and has worked professionally to support academic project at National University of Singapore.

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