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Studio Opening on March 17th Sunday, FabLab, ASU

We are excited to see you at the studio on March 17th Sunday at FabLab, ASU!

If you are still contemplating about joining, we still have space available, and please contact us at and register through TEI main website

For our participants, you are encouraged to bring three smells that could represent yourself, your family, your home town, your stories, anything about your background. Share the smell related stories or anecdotes during the studio. Any kind of smells are welcome, please don't limit your imaginations, as long as you can bring it here!

It will be also helpful if you can pre-install the following to run the toolkit program, toolkit template and source code will be shared later. Feel free to bring additional Fio Arduino, Xbee (802.15.4), FTDI cable for your experiments, a few sets will be provided for group work.



Light Sensor Library

Please check the direction to studio site and see you on Sunday morning!


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